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A Field Guide To Coastal Flowers Of The Pacific Northwest

RRP $16.99

With gorgeous full-colour photos arranged in an easy-to-use colour coded chart for quick identification, the pocket-sized format is perfect for taking along on walks and hikes through both the Pacific Northwest countryside as well as the urban wilds of West Coast cities. Supplying English and Latin names, the distribution range of each species and average plant height and flower size, Phillipa Hudson shares her knowledge of coast flora gained through over 30 years as an active amateur botanist.

North Coast Of The Black Sea, Asia Minor

RRP $320.99

Private associations organized around a common cult, profession, ethnic identity, neighbourhood or family were common throughout the Greco-Roman antiquity. This volume collects a representative selection of inscriptions from associations in Asia Minor and the north coast of the Black Sea, published with English translations, brief explanatory notes, commentaries and full indices.

Eastern Coastal Birds

RRP $12.99

Shorebirds and seabirds found on the east coast are truly world globetrotters with migration routes that span oceans and continents. Eastern Coastal Birds is the ideal pocket-sized, folding guide for the seasonal visitor or resident to identify commonly seen birds along the coast of eastern North America. This beautifully illustrated guide highlights over 140 familiar species and a map featuring prominent coastal birding hotspots. Laminated for durability, this lightweight, pocket-sized folding guide is an excellent source of portable information and ideal for field use by birders of all ages. Made in the USA.

The Immigrant Experience In North American Literature

RRP $256.99

Although many studies have been done of individual authors, at present few works exist which compare different immigrant literatures from the past and present. This work draws broad conclusions about the changes in American attitudes toward immigration and diverse cultures that are reflected in the literature. This book examines the representation of the immigrant experience in North American literature. Most of the chapters discuss the portrayal of particular ethnic groups by specific authors during a century of American and Canadian history. One essay highlights controversies among recent writers and critics concerning how their cultures should be portrayed, and the introductory and concluding essays provide historical, cultural, and literary contexts for a comparative approach to North American immigrant literature. The expert contributors expose the reader to a variety of immigrant experiences in the literature of past and present, experiences in which the characters attempt to reconcile their ancestral heritage with that of their adopted land. Variations of three basic stances can be found in these works: the essentialist, rejecting the values of the dominant culture and resisting assimilation; the assimilationist, embracing the attitudes and behaviors of the new culture; and the hybridist, incorporating the old and new. The book additionally explores such topics as race, class, and gender, as well as the intergenerational conflict found in much immigrant literature.

Ghosts On The Coast

RRP $17.99

The Johnson family has a new adventure, this one of the ghostly kind, as they explore Savannah, Charleston and Pawleys Island, South Carolina. Fourteen-year-old Joey, ten-year-old Bobby and five-year-old Katy accompany their writer mom, Jennifer, on their end-of-summer vacation to these historic Southern cities where they learn some history and encounter numerous ghost stories. Young readers won't know they're learning history; they'll only know they're having fun as they follow these kids on their latest adventure.


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Advertising Trader North Coast Marketing
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Advertising Trader North Coast Marketing
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Local Businesses in the North Coast